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Maintain Youthful Skin With Vitamin A

As kids, we don't understand why it's important to make sure we get enough rest, get enough exercise and eat right. But as adults, we understand the link between healthy eating to get the right vitamin intake and how it can make us look younger than we actually are. Vitamins are broken down as either fat or water soluble elements. This just means it's how they're broken down in the body or how they dissolve. One of the important vitamins for looking younger is Vitamin A. This vitamin is also known as reti...


The Best Way to Look Younger? Pass on the Cigarettes

We all want to maintain our youthful looking skin. One of the biggest secrets to doing so is avoiding cigarettes. If you've never had one, or quit long ago, then you have a distinct advantage in fighting the effects of aging. Just by avoiding the habit, you've already taken a big step to keeping your skin fresh and new for years to come. If you are a smoker, even if you just smoke a few cigarettes each day, now is the time to give it up. It may be a long, difficult journey; but, your skin will thank you. Le...


What Facial Masks Do For You and Your Skin

You try to eat right and you try to make sure you get enough exercise. You make sure that your face is make-up and oil free before you hit the pillow every night. Do you really need to add using an at home facial mask to your list of ways to keep yourself healthy? Yes, you do for your skin's sake - because even the most diligent nighttime cleansing routine can't take the place of the benefits offered by using a facial mask. The ingredients in a facial mask get down below the top layer of skin to the part ...


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